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  • Snap a pic of any house from the app and it geolocates and populates the calculator with information from Zillow. Or you can manually enter the address.
  • You can adjust the initial number with your opinion of the value based on the house’s current condidtion.
  • Adjust the Selling Costs if needed. Typically 9% covers the closing costs and commissions.
  • If you have any additional commissions such as “bird dog fees”, enter it into the Additional Commissions field.
  • Adjust the slide bar for fix-up costs, either overall or itemized through the Show Fix Up Details button.
  • The Offer Amount tells you how much you should pay for the property to get your desired return, which defaults to 15%.
  • You can also scroll and open the Hard Money Details and Show Financing Details for additional information, including adjusting the slide bar for anticipated equity.
  • Save the calculations to your portfolio. It puts the subject property into a presentation link for you to share.